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Holidays at Great Beginnings

Halloween – We would like to help the children understand real vs. make-believe.  In doing so, we will enjoy dressing up in costume, while helping the children to understand that familiar friends are behind each disguise. We would like to concentrate on the specific theme of “My Favorite Book Character.”  We ask all children to dress up as their favorite story character and to bring in their book that day, if possible. 

Thanksgiving – This is a time to discuss families and our many blessings as well as participate in many Native Americans and Pilgrim activities.  We will celebrate a Thanksgiving Feast where parents are invited to share a meal with their child in school.

Christmas – We will approach Christmas from a Christian standpoint and celebrate the birth of Jesus with many exciting crafts, cooking, and music activities.  Our pastor will present the Christmas story to classes. Some classes will make gifts to be given to nursing and assisted living homes. Children ages three and up will participate in our Christmas program which is a performance prepared for parent and church members about the birth of Jesus.  

Valentines Day – We encourage simple homemade Valentines to be exchanged with the other children. We will emphasize love and caring toward friends and family.

St. Patrick’s Day – This holiday will be celebrated in individual classrooms emphasizing the color green with crafts and activities, and stories about leprechauns.

Easter – We approach Easter as an important Christian holiday, emphasizing the concepts of new life, new beginnings, and the resurrections of Jesus. Signs of spring will be studied in this light as well.