What To Expect

Our Kindergarten program is an accredited by the PA Dept of Education offered for children who turn 5 years old no later than 9/30 (school district cut off is 9/1).  Pennsylvania law requires 450 hours of instruction for kindergarten students.  Great Beginnings Kindergarten program offers 477 hours of instruction due to the 3 hour per session structure.   Therefore, some extra hours are built in for snow days.  If snow days are not used, the calendar remains the same with the extra hours.  We provide the following Special Instruction subjects to our kindergarten class:

Class Structure

Special Instruction Subjects

Units Of Study

Kindergarten Enrichment

We offer an optional Enrichment class to all GB Kindergarten students as well as local public school Kindergarten students. Academic concepts reinforced include Math, Language Arts, Science, Computers, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, and Handwriting. We really focus on skill building and individual instruction time. It’s a true enrichment class that extends the kindergarten state mandated curriculum.

Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s from 12:30 – 3:00 PM
(Lunch Bunch included 11:30 – 12:30)
$165 (2 days) ~ $200 (3 days)

TEACHERS: Mrs. Pfendner & Mrs. Shaw