Still Waters_Testimony

 Still Waters: a contemplative worship experience  


Come join us for a reflective worship service. Through prayer and quite meditation you will be refreshed by the One who promises Living waters.



I often get bogged down by the busyness of everyday living.  I rush around and get nowhere, the noise around me is deafening, and the worries and cares of the day weigh heavily on my mind.  Today was like that, until I walked into the Sanctuary for the Ash Wednesday service.  Suddenly all the distractions went away.  I walked to my seat knowing that God was present.  The piano played softly, the candles on the altar lit the room, and everyone sat quietly in prayer and meditation.  Then the service began in the same quiet, reflective tone.

 The service was in three sections:  acknowledgment of our sins, knowing that God is ready to forgive;  realizing that God is in control -- He acts and we react; and finally, asking for forgiveness and surrendering to His will.  Each part contained appropriate music, scripture, a short message, and most importantly, a time to meditate,  reflect, and pray.  The Spirit was definitely present and the communication was awesome!  At the end of each session, a time for individual worship and silent praise was provided.  The service ended with a blessing and each person left contemplating the meaning of Lent and the ways we are called to serve during this time.

 Personally, I was deeply blessed by my experience tonight.  Too often I forget to stop and listen to God.  As I frequently tell my little ones,"Use your listening ears," and you will learn invaluable lessons.  Others I have talked with have expressed their experience as, "I also thought Wednesday night's service was something very special," and, "The format was just what I needed--quiet time with beautiful music and candlelight.  I felt surrounded by love." 
I think everyone felt God's presence and His love this evening.