Sermon Series

Join us Sunday Mornings as we study the Bible and the Word of God speaks to our lives today.

Seriessort descending Date Title Scripture Speaker Podcast Word on the Go
2015-03-01 Addition to Discipleship Mark 8:31-38 Johnson Dodla Audio icon sermon_2015-03-01.mp3
2014-06-22 Woman At The Well John 4:3-30, 39-42 John Neider Audio icon sermon_2014-06-22.mp3 PDF icon WORD on the go-2014-06-22.pdf
2015-03-08 Who Is The Temple? John 2:13-22 Johnson Dodla Audio icon sermon_2015-03-08.mp3
2014-06-30 What Does it Mean to Abide in Christ? John 15:1-27 Danny Arney Audio icon sermon_2014-06-29.mp3 PDF icon WORD on the go-2014-06-29.pdf
2017-06-11 The Church is.... Romans 12:4-14 Pastor Johnson Dodla Audio icon Sermon_2017-06-11.mp3
2015-03-15 Serpent in the wilderness? John 3:14-21 Johnson Dodla Audio icon sermon_2015-03-15.mp3
2016-10-30 Changed for the Better, Changed for the Good Luke 19:1-10 Rev. Dr. Bronwyn Yocum Audio icon sermon_2016-10-30.mp3
2015-03-22 End Might Be A New Beginning John 12:20-33 Johnson Dodla Audio icon sermon_2015-03-22.mp3
2016-01-03 At the Starting Line Again Psalms 147:1-5; 11-20 Johnson Dodla Audio icon sermon_2016-01-03.mp3
2015-03-29 Leave Her Alone Mark 14:1-13 Johnson Dodla Audio icon sermon_2015-03-29.mp3