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Established 1989

The School is a Christian Preschool, part of the community outreach and education program of the Exton United Methodist Church, Exton, PA intended to provide a creative early learning experience with emphasis on Christian values.


We feel that a child's first school experience is vitally important in shaping a child's approach and attitude toward learning and future school situations. It is also a time when the concepts of morals and personal rights are first being formed. Most important, a positive self-image, a sense of autonomy and high self-esteem need to be formed and nurtured. Our school will be a place where growth and development in these areas can be promoted through activities designed to encourage creativity, discovery, and self-expression. Christian morals and values will be emphasized and demonstrated in all areas. We will include daily Christian devotionals and approach Christmas and Easter as Christian holidays. The curriculum will include classroom activities and projects designed to stimulate the children in the following areas:
Emotional Growth
  • by promoting high self-esteem and a positive self-image
  • by developing self confidence and a sense of accomplishment
  • by encouraging self control and the ability to face fears
  • by encouraging children to feel warmth and security in the school situation and to learn to function independently from their parents.
Social Growth and Interaction
  • by encouraging the children to treat their peers with kindness, cooperation, forgiveness, and generosity
  • by giving the children the opportunity to work with others and to be an integral part of a group Intellectual Growth
  • by encouraging the children to think for themselves
  • by helping to develop language and listening skills
  • by developing perseverance in completing tasks and helping children to broaden attention spans
  • by encouraging the children to make their own discoveries through exploration and experimentation
Physical Growth and Development
  • by providing outdoor and indoor movement activities to develop gross motor skills
  • by providing manipulative materials and activities to develop and refine fine motor skills
  • Language, art, music, and physical activities will provide the children with the opportunity to explore, experiment, and express their ideas and feelings about themselves and their world. Individual expression and activity will be encourage

Spiritual Growth

  • by encouraging children to learn about God, Christian values and treat others with respect