Great Beginnings Christian Preschool and Kindergarten

Great Beginnings Christian Preschool & Kindergarten

Kindergarten Openings still available. Please call 610-363-0981 or email (  to schedule a tour  or to register!


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Great Beginnings Christian Kindergarten 

The School is a Christian Kindergarten, part of the community outreach and education program of the Exton United Methodist church, Exton, PA intended to provide a creative early learning experience with emphasis on Christian values. The Kindergarten is registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Kindergarten students meet from 8:45am-11:45am each day.  Optional Enrichment days available on MWF (11:45am-3:00pm).

Kindergarten Enrichment  Open to DASD Students:  2 or 3 Afternoons per week (MWF) - 12:30-3:00pm; Call Today to Register!!

Kindergarten Reading Program

Our reading program is based primarily on the texts, Ladders to Literacy and The Phonological Approach to Reading, both which heavily emphasize the sound decoding of words. We also have stories to read and discuss together. Children will be encouraged to dictate and eventually write their own stories.

Kindergarten Math Program

Math Their Way is the mathematics curriculum. It is child-centered, meaning the student learns through a hands-on approach to math, using an array of manipulatives to understand concepts such as amount, pattern, place value, size, shape, graphs, addition and subtraction.

Kindergarten Units of Study

  • Deserts - The Sun - Light
  • Pioneer Life - Indians and Settlers - Halloween - Thanksgiving
  • Christmas - Christmas in Mexico
  • Polar Regions - Arctic Animals - Antarctic Animals - Snow - Ice
  • Valentine's Day - President's Day
  • Human Body - Germs - Easter
  • Rainforest - Plants and Plant Growth - Weather - Hawaii - Volcanoes

Kindergarten Typical Day Schedule

25 minutes Circle Time, Reading Lesson

40 minutesLearning Centers:
Language Arts

10 minutesCircle Time, Math Lesson

40 minutes Math Centers include 2 instructed and 2 review

10 minutes Snack/Cooking Experience

20 minutes Special Subjects

15 minutes Outdoor or Indoor Physical Activity

20 minutes Social Studies/Science

Additional Curriculum

Christian Values and Character Curriculum

The following Christian values and character traits will be highlighted on a monthly basis and emphasized throughout the year: Fairness & Sharing, Orderliness & Obedience, Thankfulness & Prayer, Birth of Jesus, Righteousness & Goodness, Love & Caring, Trustworthiness & Honesty, Easter, Creation, Responsibility, Honor, Respect & Citizenship.

Field Trips and Special Visitors

Several field trips will be scheduled throughout the school year. Special visitors such as community workers, animal specialists and puppeteers will be invited to the school. Holiday observances such as a Thanksgiving Feast will also be held. These events will all be covered by the annual activity fee.